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I Want To Be Much Than More [entries|friends|calendar]
Deftones LiveJournal Icons

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2 New Icon [ 02.28.04 @ 01:47PM ]
Two more icons, simple and easy.

1. 2.
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1 New Icon [ 02.28.04 @ 02:46AM ]
I made the following icon for deftonedmx, since it's Deftones related I'm posting it here.

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Update [ 02.28.04 @ 12:16AM ]
I am no longer asking for credit to be given when using an icon.

Just letting everyone know.
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2 New Icons [ 02.27.04 @ 02:52PM ]
These are simple little icons I threw together with photoshop, some text, and various filters and plugins.

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5 New Icons [ 02.20.04 @ 02:00AM ]
Sorry for the lack of new icons, I made a few quick ones tonight.

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Update - New Icons Soon [ 01.03.04 @ 02:49AM ]
I'll be working on more icons in the days to come, just waiting until my next day off.
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2 New Icons [ 12.30.03 @ 11:14PM ]
I've been busy with work and such, so I really haven't had time to make many new icons.

Here are 2 simple ones.

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Tell all your friends about deftones_icons.
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1 New Icon [ 12.26.03 @ 02:32AM ]

Nothing special, just various logos that I find.

I think I might make a set of icons from their music videos.
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12 New Icons [ 12.23.03 @ 09:35PM ]
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If you use any of the icons please comment, don't forget to give me credit in the keywords.
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6 New Icons [ 12.23.03 @ 02:18PM ]
More icons I made just using various logos.

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8 New Icons [ 12.23.03 @ 01:19AM ]
Here is my first real set of icons, nothing fancy though. I just wanted to get something up so I am keeping it simple.

Just the use of various logos that I found on the internet.

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First Icons [ 12.20.03 @ 01:04AM ]
I just wanted to get something small up in the journal, so I made a few quick icons.

2 Deftones icons....

1. 2.

and one Team Sleep icon.


So there you have it, my first humble attempt at Deftones related icons.
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First Entry [ 12.20.03 @ 12:20AM ]
Okay so I just created this journal tonight and haven't made any icons yet. I will work on icons when I have the free time. So add this journal to your friends list.

I will try to update this on a regular basis, most likely on a weekly basis. Right now I am just customizing the journal layout and colors.

More updates to come soon.
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